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Black Diamond Waveform hf Digital RCA Cable

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Black Diamond Waveform™ hf Digital RCA Cable
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HiFi Philosophy Golden Analog
HiFi Philosophy Golden Analog Red
Black Diamond Waveform™ hf Digital RCA

Keeping the same family sound as the Black but taking it beyond the Ultra Silver on the way to the Silver Diamond. The Black Diamond is the newest in the Waveform line up but sits very firmly in its performance slot of the Tellurium Q matrix.

RCA Connector
BNC Connector

Note: All Tellurium Q Digital RCA cables can be terminated with RCA or BNC connectors.

Performance Profile
Blue Family
Warm and forgiving for systems with a slight edge or for those who like a more smooth laid back presentation. Blue and Ultra Blue are especially good for AV and home cinema
Black Family
Smooth, fine detailed and great resolution while actually reducing apparent harshness. Music is presented as a coherent, organic whole, with a jaw-dropping sense of realism and naturalness.
Silver Family
Totally uncoloured, acting as a wide open channel sounding unforced, vivid and dynamic with phenomenal resolution, transparency and natural tonal colours. All this while sounding extremely analog and coherent, from the exceptional top end extension to bottom with finely detailed, separated bass notes.
Reviews and User Comments
HiFi Philosophy

“The Tellurium Q Black Diamond digital cable turns the digits into an analog in an impressive degree and is not particularly expensive.”

– HiFi Philosophy
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