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Black Diamond Speaker Cable
UK retail price per single metre

Purchase example: 2.5m stereo pair would contain 5 single metres (2.5m to each channel). This also allows you to order uneven lengths e.g. 2m left channel/3m right channel. So, 2.5m pair = 5 single metres x £735.64/m which is a total of £3678.02.

HiFi World Best Loudspeaker Black
Mono&Stereo Highly Recommended Product
Fairaudio's Favourite 2017
HiFi World 5 Globes
High Fidelity Best Product 2014
PPS Special Performer
Black Diamond Speaker Cable

Many years ago Tellurium Q produced a speaker cable called the Graphite. While sounding incredible in most systems and winning awards, there were a few that reported that they actually sounded “wrong”, a little thick and heavy. This only occurred on very few systems but gave us something new to launch into researching. (We love a challenge because no matter what else we always learn something new).

The Black Diamond speaker cable was born out of this work. The Graphite speaker cable was referred to as “the best speaker cables I’ve ever heard” by one reviewer but even so the Black Diamonds significantly out perform them without any of the apparent drawbacks of the old Graphite as you will see for yourself reading the reviews and hear for yourself when you plug them into your system.

Gold Banana Connector
Gold Spade Connector

Note: All Tellurium Q Speaker cables can be Bi-wired by adding an extra cable during manufacture.

Performance Profile
Blue Family
Warm and forgiving for systems with a slight edge or for those who like a more smooth laid back presentation. Blue and Ultra Blue are especially good for AV and home cinema
Black Family
Smooth, fine detailed and great resolution while actually reducing apparent harshness. Music is presented as a coherent, organic whole, with a jaw-dropping sense of realism and naturalness.
Silver Family
Totally uncoloured, acting as a wide open channel sounding unforced, vivid and dynamic with phenomenal resolution, transparency and natural tonal colours. All this while sounding extremely analog and coherent, from the exceptional top end extension to bottom with finely detailed, separated bass notes.
Reviews and User Comments
Pursuit Perfect System
“My final thoughts are of complete admiration for the Tellurium Q black Diamond Speaker cables, they are incredible speaker cables, absolutely incredible. I am still stunned by how I was able to hear the deficiencies of my system, but once fixed the sound was elevated to a new height. This did not come easy, I was right about them in this regard but wrong about them for 99% of the time I spent with them. The last 1% of the time changed everything. I changed from being impressed to being in love and now I do not want to take them out of the system. When things click to this level then its kick back and listen time, then listen more and more with a big smile and some happy tears for good measure.”
– Terry Ellis, Pursuit Perfect System
6 Moons
“The obvious danger is that the ambitious audiophile will soon want to re-cable the entire system with Tellurium Q Black Diamond…..Such cables really are the stuff recommendations to close friends are made of”
– 6 Moons, 2016
AV Premium
“In short, we face the best audio cables High End to be found in our country if we stick strictly to the quality/price. A real discovery”
– Salvador Dangla, AV Premium
Mono & Stereo
“The Tellurium Q Black Diamond speaker cables’ ability to retain drama and at the same time exhibit utmost transparency was demonstrated in a strikingly impressive manner. The xylophone sounds extended almost forever (so to speak) and were sharply projected on the virtual soundstage. It was exciting to “observe” (hear) tones forming in front of me with all the right natural colors/timbres and then slowly fading away. There was lots of air around the instruments and their separation was exemplary. The micro dynamic ability of the Tellurium Q Black Diamond speaker cables was breathtakingly good and great micro dynamic responsiveness is the main reason why some systems sound incredibly vivid and lifelike.”
– Mono & Stereo, 2015
HiFi Pig
“Recommended for being probably the last cable you will need to buy. Stunning performance.”
– Dominic Marsh, HiFi Pig 2015
HiFi World
Tony Bolton, HiFi World
“… reviewing the Tellurium Q Black Diamond speaker cable. Up to this point I had not found any cable over the last decade that had outperformed the Philosophy Cables loom that had been in situ. Until now.”
– Tony Bolton, Opinion Column HiFi World, 2015
HiFi World
Tony Bolton, HiFi World
“… reviewing the Tellurium Q Black Diamond speaker cable. Up to this point I had not found any cable over the last decade that had outperformed the Philosophy Cables loom that had been in situ. Until now.”
– Tony Bolton, Opinion Column HiFi World, 2015
HiFi World: Product of the Year 2014
“But perhaps their reticence is understandable when the product sounds as good as this – after all, why let others in on the secret? Used in a variety of systems the Black Diamonds consistently revealed a wider perceived bandwidth, bigger soundstage and the ability to present transient details in an effortless fashion”
– HiFi World, Awards Edition Jan 2015
HiFi World: Diamonds Are Forever
“In short, I can honestly say the Tellurium Q Black Diamond interconnects and speaker cable are the very best leads that I have ever had in my system.”
– Tony Bolton, HiFi World, Feb 2014 Edition
“Their tonal balance is perfect.”
– Wojciech Pacula, High
Jim Rooney

“When I first decided to write to you about your Black Diamond Cables (bi-wired speaker and XLR interconnect) I had accumulated about 100 hours of listening time, but held off because the sound quality kept on improving. Even now after about 300 hours, it’s amazing and hard to believe, the sound keeps improving getting richer, lusher and more resolute as the hours accumulate.

My B&W 802D’s have never been happier, responding much faster than ever before!

I would like to thank you and the design team in Langport for doing such a great job developing the Black Diamond series of cables. Your attention to detail and pushing the state-of-the-art is greatly appreciated!

Good cables do matter!!!!

Thank you”

– Jim Rooney, Boston, Massachusetts, USA


As our first overseas client said of these when they changed them for the Graphite speaker cables:

“The cables have arrived and they are simply fantastic!!! More inner resolution and the same time smoooother which is very hard to do in high end. The bass has also more control and the same time better integrated with the rest and all this without burn in!!! Great work !!!”

– Anonymous

Tibor Szegedi

“It is true, these cables are finally perfect. I can connect it to the 15000,-€ Ayon Gyrfalcon or use with the 2000,-€ Amphion Argon 3 and with both I hear the the cables harmonise perfectly with the speakers and shows the strengths of both designs. For me it is no way now to use any other cable for my demos !!”

– Tibor Szegedi, Hungary