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Black Diamond XLR Cable
UK retail price per metre set
Fairaudio's Favourite 2017
High Fidelity Best Product 2014
Black Diamond XLR Cable

The Black Diamond XLR are Tellurium Q in a cable. The Black Diamond XLR uses our own TeCu connector and is the most natural sounding cable in the range, which is saying something.

Performance Profile
Blue Family
Warm and forgiving for systems with a slight edge or for those who like a more smooth laid back presentation. Blue and Ultra Blue are especially good for AV and home cinema
Black Family
Smooth, fine detailed and great resolution while actually reducing apparent harshness. Music is presented as a coherent, organic whole, with a jaw-dropping sense of realism and naturalness.
Silver Family
Totally uncoloured, acting as a wide open channel sounding unforced, vivid and dynamic with phenomenal resolution, transparency and natural tonal colours. All this while sounding extremely analog and coherent, from the exceptional top end extension to bottom with finely detailed, separated bass notes.
Reviews and User Comments
Mono & Stereo
“If there is such a thing as a completely neutral interconnect, then the Tellurium Q Black Diamond probably fits this description like no other cable.”
– Matej Isak, Mono and Stereo
AV Premium
“In short, we face the best audio cables High End to be found in our country if we stick strictly to the quality/price. A real discovery”
– Salvador Dangla, AV Premium
Ian Lishman

“Fast-forward to now and I’ve struggled for many months to get my Gryphon system sounding less harsh and 2-dimensional. Two weeks ago, I replaced my XLR i/c from pre’ to amp with a pair of Black Diamonds. Absolute transformation that made the previous cable sound broken. I don’t know what you do to your cables to make them do what they do, but I can understand why you don’t tell anyone. 2D has become 3D, detail is excellent, mid-range is smooth and fatigue less, but not sleepy, bass has gobs of depth and texture and listening is now an experience littered with emotional cues spread across a broad and deep soundstage, yet with instruments clearly placed upon it. I’m hearing so much more of what this stunning Gryphon system can do. All from just one, albeit fairly key, cable change. I have the critical listening ear of a bat; these things are not imagined.”

– Ian Lishman, Somerset, UK
Jim Rooney

“When I first decided to write to you about your Black Diamond Cables (bi-wired speaker and XLR interconnect) I had accumulated about 100 hours of listening time, but held off because the sound quality kept on improving. Even now after about 300 hours, it’s amazing and hard to believe, the sound keeps improving getting richer, lusher and more resolute as the hours accumulate.

My B&W 802D’s have never been happier, responding much faster than ever before!

I would like to thank you and the design team in Langport for doing such a great job developing the Black Diamond series of cables. Your attention to detail and pushing the state-of-the-art is greatly appreciated!

Good cables do matter!!!!

Thank you”

– Jim Rooney, Boston, Massachusetts, USA