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Note: All Tellurium Q Speaker cables can be Bi-wired by adding an extra cable during manufacture.

Silver Family: Totally uncoloured, acting as a wide open channel sounding unforced, vivid and dynamic with phenomenal resolution, transparency and natural tonal colours. All this while sounding extremely analog and coherent, from the exceptional top end extension to bottom with finely detailed, separated bass notes.


Silver Diamond Speaker Cable
Product code: SD-SC
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The Silver Diamond are the cables that we were not sure could be made (although we hoped they would be possible). If you read through the “Our Focus” section on the website, we talk about the fact that any cable from any manufacturer is an electronic filter, whether you want it to be or not – that is just a fact of life. Being a filter, any cable causes relative phase relationship issues for the signal. We have taken our research and development that was outlined in “Our Focus” and just tried to push the concept of a neutral filter as far as we thought it was possible to give you a highly transparent, natural and “real” presentation.

So what’s different? Well, compared to the Black Diamond, which was our award winning multi-product of the year cable, the Silver Diamond has even better bass definition, improved detail and a more extended top end (without any harshness) and something else which people are finding hard to define, simply because they have not heard it before. As one of the first people to hear the cable said, there is a “certain rightness” to the sound and that is because we have got closer to achieving our goal in cable development and have signal transmission than ever before, and you can hear it. Perhaps an analogy would be to talk about the Black Diamond as HD image quality, whereas the Silver Diamond gives you 4K Ultra HD quality with 3D effortlessly thrown in for good measure.

This cable behaves differently to our others, needing a run through of track three from our System disc to properly embed it, before listening on a new system even when it is run in – almost like conditioning the system to make the most of the cable’s abilities. It may sound a bit strange that a system needs to be tuned up or put in tune to get the most from this cable, but the cable is something quite unique as you will hear if you get the chance to listen to a system using it.

We are very proud to have this cable finally crowning our ranges.

User Comments

A delighted customer that took the incredible step of getting rid of all his cabling that he had only installed six months previously!!!. This is what he said in a note to our Spanish distributor: “Paco… I want to thank you that a few months ago you sent me the (Tellurium Q Silver Diamond) cables to test them in my system… and be able to appreciate its qualities!I liked them.

But now that all my cables are Tellurium [Q] and paired with tubes the result is MAGIC.
The “naturalness” of those cables, a quality that I like so much, together with all the other attributes, offer a sound that is very pleasant to me and get deep into my soul. The realism of each and every instrument is so huge that I’ve only found something similar in two systems (extremely expensive) from all the auditions that I’ve done over the time.

It’s clear that I’ve achieved also a synergy among all the components of my sound system… otherwise the sound could be very good, but never be MAGIC.

In the flight case that you sent to me there was only one pair of RCA interconnect. The other pair that my system needs I used a [cable brand name removed] although the sound was very good, it never reached the quality that I have right now, with all Tellurium [Q] cabling.”


– Mario, Spain

Thank you very much David for sending the Diamond Silver’s they are stupendous! I thought the Diamond Blacks were brilliant but now I’ve heard the Diamond Silvers I never want to listen with anything else. I am lost for words, beyond belief. They have turned my listening room into a music hall. I never thought for one minute they would sound this good! However anyone can achieve this perfection is beyond me. I have never heard any other hi-fi product this outstanding!Thank you

– Steven Lucas, Norwich

“Speaker cable S.D [Silver Diamond] is great, one of the best speaker cable I’ve heard in my life, well done, sound is different now from 50-100 hours of burn, sound is great”

– Razvan Stanciulescu, AV Sound Romania

“Dear Geoff,Once the Silver Diamond has been fully break-in, I made some serious test this weekend.

Test included:
Silver Diamond SPDIF VS Graphite SPDIF (old model, new one was with a customer)
Silver Diamond RCA VS Ultra Silver RCA
Silver Diamond Loudspeaker VS Ultra Silver Loudspeaker

Initially all the system were wired with Silver Diamond cables… we found the sound excellent. The first thing we made was changing the SPDIF SD with the Graphite. Difference was huge: everything was blured, the piano was now much less vivid… less real, it sounded muffled by comparison. Metals sounded now thing… there was much less metal and the same time there was less “air”. Bass was now boomy and had lost a lot of details. The image was now smaller in the 3 axis… Them we put back the SD SPDIF to confirm what we heard.

Now it was time to change the RCA interconnect. The effect was pretty much the same… and also when we changed the loudspeaker cable. The differences with SPDIF, RCA and loudspeaker was allways in similar terms, so we can say that you have come to an exceptional cable range, coherent and excellent sounding. I can’t imagine using another cable from now… maybe the next top of the line from Tellurium Q.

We found something interesting: it’s better to start with the loudspeaker cable, as all the rest of the changes are much more notable. I mean, with the Ultra Silver loudspeaker cable in place, the change in the rest of the cables was noticeable, but the difference was huge when the SD loudspeaker was in place. The same happens with the rest of the cables, but it was more evident with the loudspeaker cable. So, anyone with the SD loudspeaker cable in place, will buy yes or yes, the rest of the SD range for his system. Congratulations Geoff and the rest of the Tellurium Q team!!!”

– Francisco Moya, Director Tecnico audioHUM, Spain

“Quite difficult to put your finger on why or what makes it so much just sounds very right..detailed but full sounding with a great sense of excitement to the music..brilliant!”

– Fraser Robertson, UK Distributor, Kog Audio

“Having used them in my system for mixing and mastering I would now describe them as ESSENTIAL and they are not leaving my system”

– Simon Lomax, music production


Tone Audio

“Should you be a cable sceptic, this is the one to try. The results are not subtle, with no change in tonality or balance. Just more music everywhere is the word. The Silver Diamond cables impart less of a sonic signature than so many other, so much more expensive cables we’ve tried. Every cable sceptic we know has been bowled over by the Silver Diamond cables.”

– Tone Audio, Awards 2016

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HiFi+ Award

They [Tellurium Q] focus on Silver Diamond’s ability to act as less of a filter than most cables, and that this performance is particularly well suited toward high-end systems. When the cables are used in that context, asserts Alan Sircom, “Silver Diamond is extraordinary transparent, satisfyingly open, full-bodied, with an awesome bass, and extremely sweet and smooth across the mid-range.”

– HiFi+ award issue

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“Silver Diamond is extraordinarily transparent, satisfyingly open, full-bodied, with an awesome bass, and extremely sweet and smooth across the midrange.”

– Alan Sircom, HiFi+

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Sound Rebels

“Solidly crafted, elegant…. defies all rules and attempts to categorize ….they are a class in themselves”

– Marcin Olszewski, Sound Rebels

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Tone Audio

“If you’re looking for a major jump in your system’s performance, I’d suggest buying a pair of these instead of considering a hardware upgrade. Before you write this advice off to cable delusion, expectation bias, or the recent Mercury retrograde phase, please take note: I have never said this inTONE’s 11-year history.

Value is a highly relative subject; cable is nearly always a hotspot and I admit to being more prejudiced against spending big money on it, yet the Tellurium Q Silver Diamond speaker cables deliver more music than anything I’ve yet experienced. I highly suggest auditioning them the next time you’re considering spending some money on a system upgrade.”

– Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio

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Stereo Times

“The added resolution, ‘rightness’ and musical truth they impart, while besting cables costing far more than their price point, is your reward for not needing to read specs. ”

– Stereo Times, Most Wanted Components Award 2015

AV Premium

“Changes mindsets….Glorious musicality incredible price”

– Salvador Dangla, AV Premium 2015

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HiFi World

“The Silver Diamonds are undoubtedly their best loudspeaker cable yet. They are totally uncoloured – instead acting as a wide open channel between amplifier and ‘speakers and so letting more of the music flow through to let you know exactly what the rest of the system is doing.”

– Hi Fi World Product of the Year Awards

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High Fidelity

“I couldn’t detect any shifts in tonal balance – sound always seemed “normal”, meaning the way I expected it to. I think that most people when comparing it with other cables will find its sound bit richer than with others, like it adds some weight to the sound. I also thought so at the beginning and spend a considerable amount of time listening to recordings where any sort of coloration would have been obvious and unwanted – I mean ones with vocals and piano. And I found out that Silver Diamond added absolutely nothing. It was all about natural richness and density of the sound, and about above average number of information delivered in bass range. It might sound “richer” than other cables simply because these others are not able to deliver comparable richness and as much information as Tellurium Q can. Not even my Tara Labs, although it comes really close.”

-Wojciech Pacula,, 2015

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HiFi World

“Tellurium Q have surpassed themselves here. It is often said that all cables colour the sound of a system to some extent, but the Silver Diamonds do it to a lesser extent than any other product I’ve heard so far. Admittedly, £800-a-metre may seem a lot to spend on a set of loudspeaker cables. But I’d say that the Silver Diamonds actually stand comparison with rivals costing significantly more, such as Nordost’s Frey 2 (£1800 per metre) which – while excellent – to my ears lack some of the unforced naturalness of the Silver Diamonds.”

– Jon Myles, Hifi World 2015

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Mono & Stereo

“Well, I have just stumbled upon a speaker cable that I`m very tempted to put in a class of its own – but I won`t because what we have here is “just” a product that raises the bar of what’s achievable in this field – they`re true SOTA (state of the art) speaker cables and although they`re not cheap, they don`t cost a fortune either. In general: we should try to reserve the term SOTA only for truly outstanding products (regardless of price) and the Tellurium Q Silver Diamonds just happen to be one of them.

In my view, the Tellurium Q Silver Diamond speaker cables represent a major achievement in the realm of state of the art loudspeaker cabling. The way they manage to combine phenomenal resolution, transparency and natural tonal colours, while sounding extremely analog and coherent, top to bottom, is almost unbelievable. They sound incredibly unforced, vivid and dynamic at the same time.”

– Mono & Stereo, June 2015

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