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Silver Power Cable

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Silver Power Cable
Retail price per 1.5 metres inc VAT
HiFi Plus Award Winner 2021
HiFi Pig Highly Recommended
Paul Rigby - Deeply Groovy
Stereonet Applause Award
The Ear - Best of 2019
Silver Power Cable

The new Silver power sits above the Black power cable in performance, the Silver power cable does a great job balancing the smooth attributes of the black cable while giving more energy, detail and dynamism that is the signature of the Tellurium Q Silver family.

Add to that it’s far more flexible construction and the new Silver power cable ticks every box.

Schuko (EU)
Schuko (EU)
Performance Profile
Blue Family
Warm and forgiving for systems with a slight edge or for those who like a more smooth laid back presentation. Blue and Ultra Blue are especially good for AV and home cinema
Black Family
Smooth, fine detailed and great resolution while actually reducing apparent harshness. Music is presented as a coherent, organic whole, with a jaw-dropping sense of realism and naturalness.
Silver Family
Totally uncoloured, acting as a wide open channel sounding unforced, vivid and dynamic with phenomenal resolution, transparency and natural tonal colours. All this while sounding extremely analog and coherent, from the exceptional top end extension to bottom with finely detailed, separated bass notes.
Reviews and User Comments
Pursuit Perfect System

“I put the Tellurium Q Silver [range] power cables in my system and haven’t wanted to take them out… they all justify their price points and will improve the sound quality of whatever you plug them into.

It significantly improved the system’s clarity.”

Terry Ellis, Pursuit Perfect System
HiFi Plus

“While frequency extension particularly in the bass is excellent, the first aspect you notice when listening with Silver is the clarity of voices, the expressiveness of midrange detail and a more pronounced ‘in the room’ energy to the sound.”

Alan Sircom, HiFi Plus product of the Year
HiFi Plus

“Tellurium Q’s Silver’s take on this ‘first do no harm’ approach focuses on the midrange clarity and drive. While frequency extension – particularly in the bass – is excellent, the first aspect you notice when listening with Silver is the clarity of voices, the expressiveness of midrange detail and a more pronounced ‘in the room’ energy to the sound. Tellurium Q could be hoist by its own petard here, as it tries to eschew the base notion that cables that use silver conductors sound bright, only then to call its cable ‘Silver’. But this Silver is neither bright nor tarnished.”

– Alan Sircom, HiFi Plus
HiFi World

“I’ve yet to hear a Tellurium Q cable I’ve not been impressed by.They bring class-leading resolution which opens up the soundstage and lets you hear instruments with tonal and timbral accuracy”

– Jon Myles, HiFi World
The Ear

“If your system is like mine, higher than entry level but well below the truly esoteric levels that can be found in many audiophile systems, the Tellurium Q Silver (which is itself over £1,000) will give you a glimpse behind the high-end curtain.

In the right context they might turn out be the best ‘bang for buck’ upgrade you could buy.”

– Chris Kelly, The Ear

“True to form, Tellurium Q products have a smooth and sophisticated sound, but never sound dull or veiled; the Silver epitomises this and the Silver Diamond adds extra insight and scale. Both are there or thereabouts in terms of being the best value at their respective price points, especially the Silver Diamond, which is hard to beat at any level. Tastefully turned out, superbly built and sonically excellent – both are state-of-the-art power cables that don’t disappoint.”

– Jay Garrett, Stereonet
Sound Rebels

“There is no denying that in the era of the tendency towards a mad momentum towards the price stratosphere, where “sky is the limit” Tellurium Q Silver Power is quite a surprise. In addition, a surprise 100% nice and so really a surprise that allows you to fulfill audiophile dreams of a sophisticated, but not endless spontaneity of sound at a quite reasonable price.”

– Marcin Olszewski

– Marcin Olszewski, Sound Rebels
Sound Rebels

“ matter what configuration you have, TQ Sliver can easily deal with it”

– Jacek Pazio, Sound Rebels
The Audiophile Man

“The Silver was notable for its clarity…it had a firm hand on each frequency area so that each knew its place and stayed there….In effect, you felt that you were getting value from the cable because you could hear more music.

If you’re in the market for high end power cables, you cannot and should not ignore the Silver range from Tellurium Q.”

– Paul Rigby, The Audiophile Man
HiFi Pig

“Both the Silver and Silver Diamond Power cables have obvious benefits to recommend. They both have a distinctively clean and controlled sound, that has great extension and tonal qualities that bring the vibrancy out in the music whilst retaining musicality.

It’s not very often that I come across power cables that balance this act so well

If the Silver is where your budget is, rest assured performance will strongly reflect the outlay.”

– Dan Worth, HIFi Pig
Mario Tantra

“The cables are amazing… it makes the FOCAL sound much better. The harshness of the Beryllium is much more controllable. The bass is more dynamic, full and tight. The staging is wide … even the speaker position is close.”

– Mario Tantra, MDI Audio, Indonesia