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Black II Speaker Cable
UK retail price per single metre
Purchase example: 2.5m stereo pair would contain 5 single metres (2.5m to each channel). This also allows you to order uneven lengths e.g. 2m left channel/3m right channel. So, 2.5m pair = 5 single metres x £63.23 which is a total of £316.15.
HiFI Voice - Produkt Roku
Hi Fidelity Best Product 2017
Hi Fidelity Red Fingerprint
HiFi World Bargain
HiFi Choice 5 Stars
HiFi Choice Recommended
HiFi Pig Highly Recommended
Stereo Times Publisher's Choice
Stereo Times Most Wanted Components USA
Fedelta Best Value
HiFi World Cable of the Year 2010
HiFi World 5 Globes
HiFi Pig Highly Recommended
Audio Video Great Deal
HiFi Plus Cable of the Year 2010
Fairaudio's Favourite 2017
PPS Special Performer
HiFi Music Source - Outstanding
HiFi Plus Innovation Award 2021
Note: HiFi World 5 Globes, HiFi World Cable of the Year, Audio Video Great Deal, HiFi Plus Cable of the Year and Fair Audio’s Favourite were awarded to Black II’s predecessor.
Black II Speaker Cable

Tellurium Q Black was our first cable and we knew we were on to something special when we took the prototypes to various dealers for their comments and input. One in particular would not believe that it could match the somewhat thicker more expensive cable in his demonstration system.

We sat down and listened to some of his familiar music tracks, then we swapped the cable for Tellurium Q Black. He sat forward, looked at us and quite seriously asked what else we had done to his system while we were changing the cables over. It was only when he swapped the cables himself a couple of times he believed the evidence of his ears.

So why Black II? Despite Black winning multiple awards, surprising owners with it’s performance and more people than ever choosing to use it in their systems?

We have been learning and developing, especially in the last few years and have come up with a way to make this little gem even better. The only thing to do was to give it to our customers. Switch Black for Black II and it is completely obvious which is which. Once you hear the difference, it is also completely obvious why we felt compelled to upgrade Black in the way that we have.

We think you will get more from your music and hope that you love Black II as much as we do.

Gold Banana Connector
Gold Spade Connector

Note: All Tellurium Q Speaker cables can be Bi-wired by adding an extra cable during manufacture.

Performance Profile
Blue Family
Warm and forgiving for systems with a slight edge or for those who like a more smooth laid back presentation. Blue and Ultra Blue are especially good for AV and home cinema
Black Family
Smooth, fine detailed and great resolution while actually reducing apparent harshness. Music is presented as a coherent, organic whole, with a jaw-dropping sense of realism and naturalness.
Silver Family
Totally uncoloured, acting as a wide open channel sounding unforced, vivid and dynamic with phenomenal resolution, transparency and natural tonal colours. All this while sounding extremely analog and coherent, from the exceptional top end extension to bottom with finely detailed, separated bass notes.
Reviews and User Comments
Pursuit Perfect System

“Fantastic analogue cables from the bottom of the range to the very top. The time I spent with the entry Black II speaker cables was a standout moment for me this year [2018]… absolutely outstanding value for money… really this award goes to Tellurium Q as a company in general but specifically for the Black II speaker cables. They are definitely the Pursuit of Perfect Systems best analogue cables of 2018”.

– Terry Ellis, Pursuit Perfect System
Et Sona HiFi & Música

“The Black II have allowed me to be more liberal with the position of the speakers and to rescue that detail that, in other circumstances, is hijacked by the demons of acoustics.”.

– Fernando,
HiFi Club

“There is a lot of information, and there is a lot of bass. The overall pleasure of listening to music is exceptional. With this one song, Black 2 captivated my heart at once”.

– Jonghak Lee, HiFi Club
Tech Talk

“The sound from this version of the speaker cable looks smoother and cleaner. Great.”

– Wijit Boonchoo, Tech Talk
HiFi and Music Source

“It is hard to understand what has happened here, the last few weeks of exposure to Tellurium Q have changed my perception of HiFi and what can be achieved.”

– Simon Wilce HiFi and Music source
The Sound Advocate

“There is no doubt in my mind that the Tellurium Q Black II speaker cables are a supremely magnificent product that virtually captures and reproduces the ultimate in high definition sound quality.

The Tellurium Q Black II Speaker cable will be the first product reviewed so far in “The Sound Advocate” that will be awarded an outstanding rating with regards to its performance and value!”

[5red stars]

– Howard Milstein, The Sound Advocate

“considering what the Tellurium Black II speaker cable achieves in my system at its modest price, for me it represents incredibly good value for money. There is absolutely no snake oil here and it comes very recommended to try out.”

– Simon Price, 13thNote
HiFi Voice

“The Tellurium Q Black II speaker cable is a great standard of what an available cable should bring to systems.”

– Daniel Brezina, Hi-Fi Voice
Twittering Machines

“With the Mk2s there was more air around performers and greater control at the lower end, the originals sounding homogenized in comparison. The bass lines were easier to follow and there was a smidge more clarity across the board..”

– Phil Wright, Twittering Machines
Fedelta del Suono

“Finally, inserted in the main audio chain, they have shown they have little fear of top competitors. Without making think that these little serpents have equalled the performance of a cable that costs twice as much, I must admit that I was surprised by the level of performance.

They have had a lot of good reviews because they are worth it and keep their promises: I am stepping up to the chorus and I tell you to go and listen to them.

I would buy them because they are fine, I would buy them because they are absolutely inexpensive and I would buy them because they are discreet and not intrusive.”

-Di Dimitri Santini, Fedelta del Suono
Audio Stream

“The Tellurium Q Black II speaker cables better the original Black in a number of important areas. The first aspect of these differences I noted was a more dynamic presentation. Impactful music, like the “I’m loving this record” Have fun by Smerz, exhibits greater impact from the opening wallop on opener “Worth It”. The degree to which the II convey this improved slam-ability over the Black made me sit up straighter in my red Eames LCW, which in and of itself promotes good posture, and think “Wow!”

– Michael Lavorgna, Audio Stream
Stereo Times

“This is definitely a big win for Tellurium Q’s Geoff Merrigan and company. To state it plainly; there is not a speaker cable that I have heard that comes close to the Black II’s performance and whose cost roughly translates to less than $150/meter. The cables are not big or thick but are built very nicely and come with your choice of bananas, spades or both. Tellurium Q plays it close to the vest when it comes to technical information, but as far as sonics go, I was greatly impressed by their performance. I spent a lot of time crawling around between my speakers and amps, swapping them in and out and back in because I could not believe how well they performed. They performed equally as well on planar speakers as they did with dynamics. I found their sound to be smooth over-all, with an open and airy top-end, and with extended bass and a slightly warm midrange.”

– Mike Wright, Stereo Times

“If you compare it to other cables, even my previous ones, by a well-known American company, you can get the impression that other producers are combining how to stand out from the crowd, and Tellurium combines how to best give music back.”

– Olek Gramophonist
HiFi Pig

“I changed to the Black II after a few tracks and was so flabbergasted by the improvement again that I didn’t bother going back to the Black.

It really was night and day. What struck me the most was how natural and clear the cable sounded with no nasties or obvious short comings. Now I know it can’t be perfect, and Geoff told me wait till you hear our pricier cables (oh dear), but I can’t remember hearing such a difference so easily, which makes my life a lot easier both as a reviewer and simply a listener. Isn’t that what good kit should be about.”

– Ian Ringstead, HiFi Pig

“Black II is a completely different cable than Black. .. The smoothness of this cable is unique. Looking at both cables, not knowing that you need to look for a Roman “double” on a black outer jacket, we would say that they are the same cables. But let’s listen to them with a few songs, it does not take much time to come to the conclusion that really big changes took place between the new and the old version.”

– Wojciech Pacula, Hi
HiFi Choice

“..the Black II is a no-brainer compared with the original cable. It is really superb, whatever it is made of. …..the presentation becomes fuller and more rounded. The bass is also much fuller and yet more controlled than with the older cable.”

– HiFi Choice
Paul Rigby

“even those of you who own the original Black cables should take a serious look at the new Black II cables.”

– Paul Rigby,
HiFi World

“Alongside the Black IIs I also received

a set of the original cable for comparison – and the step-change in performance is apparent. Improved tonality was the first thing that struck me, especially with acoustic instruments. Keith Jarrett’s piano on ‘The Carnegie Hall Concert’ had more body and weight to it with a rich, resonant presentation. Here was the sound of a real instrument playing. While the original Black cable was good this new version takes all its qualities and builds on them with a sense that it is letting even more of the musical information through. Timing, especially, seemed better and more focussed with a total absence of smear or haze around instruments. An update to an already outstanding loudspeaker cable, the new Black II cables improve on the originals to a remarkable degree.”

– Jon Myles, HiFi World
Audio Video

“The bass is very good – accurate, fast, not monotonous, even in the bottom border. Attack is fast, feeling that improved damping acoustics. The sound in general comfortable: a lot of details that do not detract from the overall musical picture.”

– Nikolay Efremov, Audio Video

– Nikolay Efremov, Audio Video
Audio Stream

“greater clarity, a more natural presentation, a more open yet defined sound image, improved tonal qualities and, taking a few steps back, a more engaging musical experience.”

– Michael Lavorgna, Audio Stream
HiFi World

“Strings contain texture, bass has a real heft and vocals sound more relaxed and secure in their presentation.”

– Paul Rigby, HiFi World
HiFi Plus

“…offers insight into the way the instruments are being played. That is rare at this price. This is a very communicative, engaging and capable presentation, making it the most natural thing to just forget about listening to the system and simply enjoy the music.”

– HiFi Plus Issue 75, 2010
HiFi Pig

“I’ve listened to complete system upgrades that have not provided the improvement in transparency and naturalness that Tellurium Q Black provides.”

– Rod Alexander, HiFi
HiFi News

”Cavernous acoustic space…..palpable sense of reality…good sense of timing and pitch…the sound was controlled and didn’t harden as the volume increased…even tonal balance.”

– Hi Fi News, Feb 2010 edition
David Gawthrop

“Took on board your suggestion, I went back to the retailer and they allowed me to swap the ultra blue for black II. All I can say Is….mind blown!

For a modest extra outlay, and what is still a modest overall price relative to other Hi Fi speaker cables the black II is incredibly good. The clarity I was seeking was there from the very first note that played through the cable today.

I am using the cable in a modest 2 channel system for audio visual playback (as I don’t have room for a surround setup), I have a Cambridge Audio Dac into a Cyrus ONE integrated amp, driving Q Acoustics Concept 500 speakers.

The improvements I heard right away are making me want to get back in touch with the retailer for the Black II interconnect!


– David Gawthrop, Australia
Don Childs

“…so far I’ve gotten the Black interconnects for my CD player, the Black II speaker cables, and now I await the TQ jumpers to put my Klipsch LaScala H and Lo together. The speaker cables sounded great out of the box BUT WOW a month later indescribably clear, crazy holographic. I’m using the Raven Audio Nighthawk Integrated Amp, Yamaha S2100 CD player, and U-Turn Orbit turntable with Ortofon Blue. What really shocked me was how LP’s sounded way better than the CD’s (which sounded great too). But the vinyl improvement was shocking. How can we get the word out? These things are totally amazing. The improvement with your cables equal or exceeded ANY component upgrade I’ve ever made.”

– Don Childs, USA
Mark Buffey

“Changing over from the [company reference deleted] cable to this [Tellurium Q Black II] even without the ‘burn in’ made a big difference to my system straight away , never known such a simple upgrade make such an improvement.”

– Mark Buffey, UK
Paul B

“Amazing! Just got the Black II Speaker cable and Jumper cables. I upgraded from the original Black version (that I loved) and expected some improvement after having read the review in Hi-Fi World. Normally I do not trust these kind of reviews too much, but I have to say this it really is a remarkable step change in less smear, more clarity, more tone, more detail, more bass etc. Just remarkable!”

– Paul B, London
Ray Ng

“Whatever you did to the Black II… is good! ? I heard better micro-dynamics, improved transparency, and didn’t noticed any changes in tonal balance.”

– Ray Ng, Raindrop Audio Singapore
Gerardo Ventura

“During last days I had the possibility to properly evaluate the new Black II speaker cables. When for a very SPECIAL product it comes the time to be updated, I have doubts and tell myself… ” can perfection be bettered?” Well, this is one of the times that I can only say a fully convinced YES! Bettered clarity, focus, general credibility, and a better bass control. The Black II authentically remains a Tellurium Q Black with its unique features of a natural, spacious, fluid, rich, and expressive sound, but bettered. I don’t know how you did it, but you did it! I want to congratulate Mr. Geoff Merrigan and Tellurium Q for the great result.”

– Gerardo Ventura, Play Stereo, Italy
Marco Berardi

“Two days ago I bought 2.5 meter long tellurium q black speaker cables. I am very happy: Transparency, detailed no harshness. I never heard music so well in 26 years .

Bravo !”

– Marco Berardi, Italy
Erik Juul Madsen

“Hi Geoff,

I would like to give you some feedback, but not sure where to start. I can only say I am very pleased with the cables, it has opened up my system to an extent I thought impossible and this is with the Black Cables, so not sure how it can be even better with your high end cables.

The best way to describe the change is really that my wife always say “Sounds the same”, when we try or listen to some very high end Hifi Equipment, but as soon as I had installed the cables, she said “sounds much better and much more open Music, almost like being in the concert Hall”. So this is properly the best way to describe the change.

I am Marine Engineer with Electrical engineering included, so have to admit that I was sceptical of how much a cable could improve the sound, although I do fully understand the importance of screening on low signal cables.

I also want to thank you (Your Company) for the very fast and good reply to queries and also with the customs. I will for sure keep recommending your cables to whoever I meet and have already done so to a few. Thanks to you and I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope 2015 will be a good year for your company.”

Best Regards,

– Erik Juul Madsen, Korea
Shari Payne

“Thanks for the email. It does sound like you put a lot of work into repairing the cable for which I thank you, very much indeed!

I have received the cable back and it really finishes off my system well. I have Tellurium Q Black running through the whole hifi now and it sounds amazing even though burning in has not really finished in the cables yet. The sound is smooth and detailed and tonal balance of the music is just right.

Can I just say a big thank you to all you guys at the company for manufacturing such an amazing set of cables, and to you personally Geoff for the customer service you have provided me over the last week including the phone call to inform me of the work you had done with the repair. Its great to buy British products that are backed up by excellent customer support.

Many thanks again for fixing my cable, I may even take the day off work tomorrow just to listen to music!”

All the best

Best Regards,

– Shari Payne, UK
– Will Hill

“I have just put Tellurium black interconnects into my system and have found even prior to ‘burning in’ they are stunningly coherent. There is a balanced presentation which exudes detail but does not render any part of the sound overblown, no part of the presentation audibly overshadows another part. This coherence is critically important.

All too frequently high cost within the system comes with the caveat that the system might be too revealing i.e. it may show some some vinyl and CDs to be poor quality either in pressing or recoding production. Whilst there is some logic in this, no one wants to render any part of their music collection unlistenable. Tellurium black is hugely revealing but its presentation is not brittle, it is a cable for people who like music.

Tellurium really does present as if it is a cable for the people and that is the highest accolade of all.”

– Will Hill, Norwich
– Geordie Kidston

“Dear Sirs,

I am selling my major UK name cable described as “the best before they get silly” by a previous dealer. Well that was then. I’d have been less surprised if a ghost had passed through the room when I set these Telluriums up – my system just opened out with neutrality but also bags of detail and instrumental placement. I can only describe it as if sonically it throws a bucket of water in the air, only to catch it all back, every drop. It has revolutionised a great specialist 300B driven vinyl system allowing my rare Feastrex 5″ Alnico “Monster Magnet” speakers to flourish in a way I’d never imagined, I mean by becoming many, many grades better. They were great but are now truly beautiful, moving and mesmerising. Even CD plays well. The price and quality equation are massively out of kilter [with the industry]. Tellurium Q Black cable is staggering and simply astonishingly very good value. All the best to this company as there is immense talent obvious here. I’d buy an upgrade blind within a reasonable price point, if they can materially beat this quite extraordinary product.”

Yours faithfully,

– Geordie Kidston, London